Meats & Seafood


From Corbie and Cheip’s founding, our aim has always been to source the very best local meats and seafood possible; and only from the most honest and caring farmers, fishers, butchers and mongers. 

Whether you are dining with us, or taking our produce home, you can be sure that you are eating food that has been treated with the greatest integrity – from sea and field, all the way to plate.




Allan’s Butchers, Auchterader


Auchterader’s traditional butcher’s shop, run by husband and wife team, Kenny and Christine Allan, and managed by former Butcher of the Year, Euan Paterson.

They supply us with a wonderful selection of beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game.

Allan’s also deliver a critical part of our breakfasts – bacon! Home-cured and smoked in one of Scotland’s oldest smoke houses.

Soft Shell Crab


Softshell crabs are becoming something of a Corbie and Cheip speciality!

They are simply normal crabs which are caught immediately after moulting their shell, in the few days before the new one has hardened up.

We serve them simply – golden, crisp and lightly seasoned.



Soft Shell Crab

German Cured Meats & Sausages


Where to start?

Sausages, wieners, cold cuts, smoked meats, and salami, as well as a variety of sandwich meats – all created from Old World recipes, passed down through generations.

All can be enjoyed at your table or taken home. We will be more than happy to advise on beer pairings!


Cured & Delicious