Fresh Foods


We source, prepare and supply a wonderful range of finest fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, milk, dairy produce and baked goods – all sourced from local producers.

So, whether you are looking for fresh, in-season rhubarb, hand picked chanterelle mushrooms, or small batch loaves from our local baker, we have you covered!

Also, we use exactly the same ingredients in our dishes that you see in the deli – so no hidden cans full of preservatives!




Our Eggs


Our organic eggs are from free range hens that roam around in the sun, peck at an organic diet and get the benefits of free range  – just like us!.

This makes their eggs perfect fried, poached or deviled. And they make a fine addition to our breakfast menu…

As with all of our produce, we source them from a number of small, local farmers who are committed to the welfare of their hens.

Eggs Benedict

Fresh Strawberries & Rhubarb


Some of our produce is very local indeed! We source our strawberries and rhubarb from the gardens of Ochil Tower school; our next door neighbors.

All of our seasonal fruit is available to buy in the deli, and we also use it in our desserts.

When it’s in season, you can also find our shelves stocked with fresh, hand-pressed rhubarb juice. Healthy, and perfect with a splash of sparkling water. Or gin and tonic!

Janettas Ice Cream


When it’s sunny (and sometimes when it’s not) we wheel out our ice cream cabinet.

Our ice cream is supplied by Jannettas Gelateria in St. Andrews. Jannettas has been producing their much loved premium Gelato for four generations now.

Made on the premises using traditional Italian artisan machinery by their skilled Gelato makers it is award winning ice cream.